Considering the stay-at-home spring has forced musicians to perform virtually or not at all, it makes sense many have turned to reliving their pasts.

While Radiohead and The Rolling Stones have been posting previously recorded full-length concerts on YouTube, Cleveland-based, nationally renowned indie-rock act Cloud Nothings dug deep into their catalog, recently releasing 27 bootlegs spanning the outfit’s decade-long career. The are available through bandcamp.

“When I heard we were going to release the bootlegs, the first thing I thought about was, ‘That’s what Pearl Jam did,’” said bassist TJ Duke, a 2000 Medina High School graduate who lives in Old Brooklyn. “Right now, I think people appreciate any bit of connection between bands they like. So far, the response has been extremely positive.”

There’s no denying the notion of a bootleg album transcends fandom. Not only do diehard followers of a group enjoy