While many of us would look back at 1998 as the year that fanned the teen-pop revival craze, others will look back at it as the year that gave us Eagle Eye Cherry’s ‘Save Tonight’, Will Smith’s ‘Gettin Jiggy With It’, Backstreet Boys’ ‘Everybody’ and Chumbawamba’s ‘Tubthumping’. For Eric Hutchinson, he was too busy navigating the perils of graduating high school.

But even though the singer-songwriter had graduated from Montgomery Blair High School in suburban Maryland over 20 years ago, he still found himself revisiting the adolescent dreams, hopes, fears, and emotions he had once faced as a teen. With his latest studio album ‘Class of 98’, which releases on July 10, Hutchinson revisits both bittersweet memories and the phenomenal music from an era that most of humanity holds close to their hearts.

Speaking about the intent behind his latest work Hutchinson revealed, “The ’90s for me were very much about growing pains and trying to figure myself out. So I was actually unhappy [during] a lot of the ’90s, but I enjoy the ’90s artifacts. That was what this album was all about… I think so much of coming to the end of high school is feeling a bit trapped and feeling like you’ve outgrown your circumstances, which is, I think at least for me, is something [that] feels very familiar again now.”

(Courtesy of artiste)

While the ideas for most of the songs were in place, Hutchinson then set out to create that quintessential ’90s