Music heads are generally suckers for movies about “Getting the Band Together” or “Getting the Band Back Together.” Titles of varying quality featuring fictional groups run the gamut from Eddie and the Cruisers, That Thing You Do!, and The Commitments to more independent fare like Garage Days and Still Crazy.

It’s that latter category that seems to hold more dramatic potential, with usually middle aged men trying to recapture youthful glory and musical inspiration while navigating old grudges, new outlooks, and their now “normal, straight” lives.

Can '90s Alt Rockers The Incoherents Get It Together One More Time?

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That’s the premise of The Incoherents, a new film which members of the titular on-the-verge-of-breaking ‘90s New York alt-rock band attempt to reunite for another run at fame and fortune. That is, 25 years after their lead singer/rhythm guitarist Bruce (Jeff Auer) abruptly broke them up on a whim, which in itself is the source of no little resentment.

Now a married father of two and working a stifling job as a paralegal in an office, he rounds up his former bandmates. There’s brothers Tyler (Casey Clark), a drummer in vacuous wedding band, and bassist Keith (Walter Hoffman), a civil servant committed to his girlfriend and vegan lifestyle; and lead guitarist Jimmy (Alex Emanuel).

Jimmy still has a toe in the biz as the owner of a downtown dive bar/live music venue, but his instrument is hung up untouched in the back