Skater XL Song Artists Include many Chart Topers

As a Skate Punk enthusiast in my youth, I am always stoked to see the soundtracks released for skateboard video games. Skater XL is no exception, and it did not disappoint. Skater XL takes pride in giving players unparalleled freedom in expression while skateboarding and they wanted their songs to reflect this. Each band was chosen because they have a sound that blends well with the gameplay and street vibe.

Image courtesy of Skater XL

Jeff Goforth, Marketing Director or Easy Day Studios said that the company “really wanted the soundtrack to reflect skateboarding culture, as well as pay homage to some of the artists that provided the soundtracks to some of the most influential skate videos of all time”. The list of artists on the soundtrack include:

  • Modest Mouse: The band formed in the mid-90s and became a hit with the punk-inspired rawness and lo-fi post-rock sound. They are best known for their platinum-selling album Good News for People Who Love Bad News released in 2005.
  • Band of Horses: An indie rock band from the ’00s, Band of Horses has a woodsy midtempo rock feel and are best known for the album Everything All the Time.
  • Getter: Getter is one of many of Tanner Petulla’s