Mysterious Los Angeles duo sym fera recently dropped their song, ‘little things’ with an accompanying music video, and it simply adds to their evolving yet almost mystical persona.

There’s not a whole lot of information about just who sym fera is. In a world that prides itself on information and knowledge, it can be difficult to connect with an act that caters to neither. Yet, sym fera has an allure to it, owing entirely to the duo’s moody, haunting, and dystopian sound, something that makes them a perfect fit for the times. Their vocals have been described as something in the between Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, while their latest song, ‘little things’, has been called “one of the year’s best slow burns” by Rolling Stone.

Musically, sym fera take on slow, evocative rock and do so with a level of mastery not common among artistes that are relatively new to the craft. The duo evokes the sounds of bands like The Neighbourhood and Arctic Monkeys but manages to not drown among a sea of gifted musicians. sym fera stands on their own and delivers a sound that while reminiscent of others, is still unique. And their mysterious identity simply enhances the vibe their music creates.


The ‘little things’ video beautifully matches the song’s intensity, while also being topical and in some ways interpretive. As the band shares, “‘little things’ is about corruption, specifically about how corruption of the individual can