Indie rock tends to get a nasty reputation for being a very uninclusive genre. For as many great bands have arrived with a more organic sound and production, there have been plenty of fans who seem to take ownership over these bands and create an inclusive clique rather than a healthy musical relationship. However, no fan could stop these musicians from kicking ass time and time again.

Many indie bands have gotten by on the strength of a handful of great singles or maybe one great album, but every one of these acts was able to keep the fire going for what seemed like forever. While some of them were just really good at their one trick, many of these acts expanded beyond their usual sound to come out with some of the most groundbreaking albums of their respective decades, going on to form the basis of alternative rock, shoegaze, and everything in between.

Every musician suffers from a few sore spots in their discography, but the legacy these bands have led (and are leading) is more than the entire rock scene could have hoped for. Yes, the more rabid fanbases of these acts can be a little much, but that doesn’t take anything away from these great records.