As Hunter Porter took jazz music classes in college, the Manhattan Beach native dreamed of playing punk and rock music for a living.

After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2013 with a music degree, he carved out a career as a hired musician, touring for years with multiple bands.

Those tours spawned his next creative project, a comedy podcast about two not-so-bright musicians who drop everything to try to save rock and roll from extinction.

While he can’t tour due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, season two of his podcast is in production and he’s making new music, too, which will accompany his online show.

The podcast

First launched in 2018, Porter’s podcast is called “New Noise” and it focuses on two friends, Hunter (voiced by Porter,) and Max (voiced by actor Max Hamilton) who one day read an online article that says rock music is dead.

Taking it literally, they drop everything, quit their jobs and set off on a journey to save rock and roll by trying to stage a concert to prove to people that rock is not dead.

In the meantime, they write rock songs inspired by things like the sounds they hear at construction zones, and argue about all sorts of stuff while never losing focus on their important mission.

“Their musical debates sort of springboard out of mundane activities. They’ll be sitting at a restaurant debating which hot sauce is better, Tapatio or Cholula, and that will lead them to get into some