LGBTQIA+ punk rock artists

It’s an election year, the world is in the middle of a pandemic and the importance of fighting for the rights of underserved and marginalized people is bigger than ever. One thing we can be grateful for is punk rock. Be it in sound or spirit, punk is a driving force we need to keep us informed, energized, inspired and sometimes to just provide the kind of humor that keeps us sane. Here are 20 bands with some or all LGBTQIA+ members and allies who are providing sonic strength and support.

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Laura Jane Grace

As far as creating anthemic rock ’n’ roll that’s charged with a punk ferocity, Laura Jane Grace is close to untouchable. She’s been making powerful music for more than two decades, starting as a teen doing grunge covers and eventually forming the acclaimed Against Me! in 1997. As bold as her music is, Grace came out in 2012 as a trans woman, sharing her journey with her usual honesty. Her latest endeavors are a surprise solo album, Stay Alive, under her name as well as the side project Laura Jane Grace & The