Time to introduce Loiter, a new band on the block who combines pop punk and alt-rock into something refreshingly new.

They say to create a podcast, all you need is three blokes and a microphone.

Well to create Loiter, the hot new quintet on the pop punk/alternative rock scene, you need a couple of members from Brisbane, a few from Newcastle, one from the UK, a bunch of guitars and a drum kit.

Comprised of Daryn Yeats as co-lead vocalist and bassist, Amber Hudson as the other co-lead vocalist and guitarist, Mitch Chen as lead guitarist, Tim Ricketts on drums, and Brandon Day as the third guitarist, the band have just released their new single, ‘In This Town‘, and are looking to make sure the name “Loiter” will be on everyone’s lips in no time.

So to figure out who Loiter are as a band, we decided to chat with them as part of our Get To Know series.

How did your artist name come about?

Darren: If I remember, the original band name Paperface, was one I came up with. I had this huge list of potential band names that I would just randomly write down when they popped into my head.

We had a bit of feedback around the time of our first gig and decided that it wasn’t quite a right fit for us. So we racked our brains, and I think it was either Mitch or Tim