Burke Joslin October 10th, 2020 – 6:00 PM

Album Review: Travis – 10 Songs

Back & better than ever

When it comes to Britpop, Travis is unquestionably the gold standard of quality, consistency and longevity. Founded in Glasgow in 1990 by lead singer Fran Healy, guitarist Andy Dunlop, bassist Dougie Payne and drummer Neil Primrose, the Scottish soft rock band has reigned supreme for decades. Now, 23 years after the release of debut album Good Feeling, Travis returns to form on ninth studio album 10 Songs.

On 10 Songs, after co-writing several albums, singer Fran Healy reclaims the mantle of principal songwriter. According to a press release preceding the album, “10 Songs is an album about the way life comes at love and what love does to weather those challenges… There’s sizzling synergy in abundance,