Received1173249049526031Photo: James Robertson

Like every band everywhere, Sundae Drives was derailed by COVID-19 last spring.

After an extremely successful two-year run, which found the band developing pockets of support in Chicago, Detroit and Nashville — capped by Sundae Drives’ Cincinnati Entertainment Award win for Best Alternative/Indie artist last November — guitarist/vocalist Adam Lee and multi-instrumentalist Nick Heffron had blueprinted a fairly expansive tour for early 2020. The Indie Pop/Rock/Soul duo had barely dented that schedule when the lockdown brought it all to a screeching halt.

“The plan for 2020 was to release a couple of singles, and we had a month-long tour planned for April, the longest tour either of us had ever been on,” says Lee in a recent phone interview. “We’d put together a completely independently booked headlining tour — from Charlotte, North Carolina to St. Louis, Missouri, to a couple of dates in Nashville, which is kind of our second home, to a couple of nights in Atlanta — and they were really good cards. The tour kicked off April 1 and the world shut down on like March 24. It was unbelievable.”

It was particularly disappointing for Lee, having deferred a considerable amount of time with his two young daughters in order to research and arrange not only the dates but also opening acts in each city. Lee had also set up an extensive media schedule for himself and Heffron in each market, making maximum use of available publicity resources to advance