The year… was 2001. I think.

I didn’t exactly know how to do alternative rock radio.

I knew it was sorta like what people like Brian Bridgman had taught me at Q102 in Philadelphia.

Sound real. Be real. Don’t speak with some sort of fake sounding hype like the the old-school radio people who screamed and shouted over a 10 second musical intro to a song.

That “real” advice back in the late 90’s changed my sound and unboxed my future in radio. The seeds of “being authentic” were planted, and being able to sow them in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, every day, let me practice… and then, practice again… what would take me to the next step in my career.

That advice helped me get to my next big gig… Tampa. 93-3 FLZ. The legendary WFLZ Tampa Bay. Once the home to the MJ+BJ Morning Show. The place where basically all of our Top 40 radio “best practices” were practiced. Experimented on. Beta-tested. Scrapped. Or, in many cases, which became the way forward for my company and our industry.

A mentor of mine told me on the day before my first day…. “There are three radio stations people talk about.”

I’ll paraphrase the rest as not to offend…

One is in this city. The other is in that city. “You are Assistant Program Director and Afternoon Host of the one that matters.”

And so that adventure began… and those stories are probably best left for another post… because they