If we have learned anything from history, it’s that times of great suffering produce amazing art. 2020 saw some of the music industry hit a temporary pause at the onset of the pandemic, we ended the year with some artists finding their way through to release some truly amazing new music. Heading into 2021, this set-in “new normal,”—music industry without live events—will see aspiring new artists with a narrower, less defined, path to gain new fans. A class of talent armed with only the digital space as their launch pad, we’re bracing ourselves for a year of some truly remarkable art from artists who will surely make their mark on this year. These are your 2021 Artists to Watch, according to our staff.

Alaska Reid

Standout track: “Oblivion”

Her debut EP “Big Bunny” is 9 non-skippable songs that positions itself in the landscape of alternate tunings of vocals and guitars. On the storytelling front, Reid places focus on life in Montana, the stark changes of moving to Los Angeles, and becoming jaded with the everyday hustle. – Sean Kayden, Contributing Writer

Baby Queen

Standout track: “Want