It’s ’90s week at GO! Magazine, and as resident music person, I have been tapped to create the ultimate ’90s mixtape. No, this was not my idea (that would be resident movie, history and calendar person, Makenzie Whittle, who contributed a bunch of these songs, as did resident visual art and theater person David Jasper). I tend to shy away from “best of” lists like this, because why should anyone listen to me? Besides, I’d just stuff it full of Nirvana songs (as would resident features editor Jody Lawrence-Turner).

But we tried to be egalitarian. If your favorite ’90s song isn’t on this mixtape, go put it on there. I tried to hit most of the major musical movements and trends with at least one representative song, but I probably still ended up leaning on alternative rock. Again, just be glad I didn’t give you a list of 20 Nirvana songs.