Waiting for the Sunrise, vols. 1-3 (30 songs total, freeasbirdsrecords.bandcamp.com) A massive dose of local music wonderment. Each 10-song volume is a benefit for a different organization, including the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, the Connecticut Bail Fund and the Martha P. Johnson Institute. Styles, voices and sentiments vary wildly, but there are common bonds — the taste of Alex Burnet, who curated the project, and the production values of S.G. Carlson. Both Burnet and Carlson have solo tracks on volume 3. There are numerous standouts among these 30 tracks, including the always-great pop/folk fusion of Lys Guillorn (“Dolores & I”), the fun-in-isolation dance track “Lockdown” by Mooncha, the concise cream-of-Velvet-Underground breakdown of Dan Greene’s “Is It Just in My Head?” and Steve Hartlett’s scruffy “Loneyphonyface,” which segues neatly into Scincera’s smoother yet equally inventive “Circus.” This is how one passes a quarantine.