False Heads Pleasure Venom Miss Vincent Pinkshift Punk Rock Emerging Modern Bands
[Photos via False Heads/Spotify, Pleasure Venom/Spotify, Miss Vincent/Spotify, Pinkshift/Spotify]

If the sonic leanings of new alternative bands are any indication, pop punk isn’t dead and neither is punk rock.

Be it through the continued influence of traditional groups or experimental infusions by genre-bending outfits, the punk sound is still ever-prevalent in the modern scene. While not all of the emerging bands harness the sound from acts such as Green Day or the Offspring, they’re largely emblematic of the genre in their own right. Read on for 10 of our favorite next-gen bands who are epitomizing punk rock.

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Swedish trio Randells are one of those outfits you could have sworn traced back to the ’90s. We won’t fault anyone for the confusion—they’ve certainly got that sound despite being founded