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[Photos via Kim Hongjoong/YouTube, Suzy/YouTube, Luna & Trax/YouTube, BTS/YouTube]

In the past few years, Korean music, such as K-pop and K-rock, has completely taken over the mainstream music scene.

The music, and the scene, are seemingly inescapable. Aside from K-pop tracks topping global charts, the fandom has an overwhelming internet presence, and many Western artists, such as Halsey and Lady Gaga, have teamed up with groups for record-breaking collabs.

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Aside from collabs, many South Korean artists and groups have delved into performing in English. They’ve even covered some well-known American tracks in completely new ways.

We decided to show you 10 alternative covers by Korean artists that you need to hear this year. Hopefully, it inspires you to delve deeper into the K-pop and K-rock universe—or at least gives you a new song to add to your playlist.

ATEEZ’s Kim Hongjoong – “Numb” (Linkin Park)

Kim Hongjoong, one of the members of the K-pop band ATEEZ, Source…